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Ethereum Hard Fork Live, Stolen ETH Moved, ‘Hodlers Are Insane’: Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 2–8

$50M of ETH Stolen, ‘Rare Opportunity’ for BTC: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 25–Dec. 1

Updates made by engineering on Thursday and Friday have been pushed to source. Recommended update. Install: , request testnet NRG: … Thank you for your diligent reporting and

@blockcollider3 months ago

AT multichain TESTNET updates made by engineering on Monday and Tuesday have been pushed. Required for all Block Collider nodes. Thank you for your diligent reporting and testing. Install the latest:  or request testnet NRG at:

@blockcollider3 months ago

Upgrade made by engineering on Sat/Sun have been pushed to source. Recommended update for all peers. Block Collider public AT multichain testnet has successfully passed 20,000 blocks. Install testnet: , request testnet NRG:

@blockcollider3 months ago

The public AT multichain testnet is now online. $BTC, $ETH, $WAV, $NEO and $WAV blockchains mined into one multichain the backbone of Borderless. Start: . Request test $NRG from the faucet: . #ItsBorderless

$EXCL is 2014 created #masternode #masternodes coin trading on #bittrex and #upbit with #pos system users of $POIVX $XZC $DASH $CRW $TX $NRG $SYS $SWM and more.. love us and trade us get #exclusivecoin

$D, $COLX, $POLIS, $NRG coins now have 0% reward fee at  Deposits and withdraw are fee-free as usual. Enjoy free staking

Here’s a recap of the coins we’ve listed recently: Videocoin $VID (@VideoCoinHQ) V-ID $VIDT (@v_id_blockchain) Fantom $FTM (@FantomFDN) GoChain $GO (@go_chain) Energi $NRG (@Energicrypto) Quant $QNT (@quant_network) More to come! …

We are looking to add $POLIS, $NRG and $D to our platform in coming weeks. What do you think about these projects? Share your knowledge and

In preparation for mining NRG and the launch of Borderless Emblems will be released indefinitely to the Ethereum Genesis blockchain addresses in 22 hours at 11:52 PM EST, February 14 2019. Happy #noValidatorValentines!

Contest #1 Winners 100,000 pageview Banner Codes 1 @SolarisCoin $XLR 491 2 @NIXplatform $NIX 295 3 @DiviProject $DIVI 271 Banner Discount Codes 4 @ColossusCoinXT $COLX 216 5 @PACcoinOfficial $PAC 175 6 @Energicrypto $NRG 150 7 @zcoinofficial $XZC 144 8 @wagerrx $WGR 130

Contest #1 ends 12/28 Current Rankings 1 $XLR 374 @SolarisCoin 2 $DIVI 253 @DiviProject 3 $PAC 160 @PACcoinOfficial 4 $NIX 140 @NIXplatform 5 $COLX 133 @ColossusCoinXT 6 $XZC 137 @zcoinofficial 7 $WGR 126 @wagerrx 8 $NRG 120 @Energicrypto Top 3 win 100K Pageview MNO Banners!

Best Performing Masternodes #week49! @LightPayCoin @scashofficial @sibcoin_en @MonetaryUnit @PayDayCoin @bit_send @SolarisCoin @wagerrx @PACcoinOfficial @Energicrypto …

Energi (NRG) News

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Market: $37.4M

Energi (NRG) is currently the #108 cryptocurrency by market cap at $37.4M USD. Trading volume for Energi over the last 24 hours is $910.8k USD. There has been 1 news story on Energi over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Energi is Block Collider Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.