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Need to pay for European, UK or Asian goods and services? With , you can reduce remittance commission charges by 5%-8% #EUC and #GBC tokens make cross-border payments cheaper and faster for you without having to use mainstream service

@everexio25 days ago

The 71 million trips around the world in 2018 made by expats, crypto enthusiasts, travelers from the UKMany of them require fast ways of accessing their cash in local currencies. Integrated into  wallet, #GBC is an effective solution to these issues

@everexioa month ago

Everex blockchain-powered money transfer app launches for the UK

We have good news for UK users! Everex wallet adds support for the British pound and opens Everex’s services to the UK with newly added GBC token Check out our blog for more details  #Everex #GBP

@everexio2 months ago

Top 100 avg 1h return: -0.1±1.0%; 35 up, 63 down $BTC 0.0% $ETH -0.2% Best: 5.2% $CRO @cryptocom 2.5% $ETN @electroneum 2.4% $XLM @StellarOrg Top 101-200 avg 1h return: 0.0±3.2%; 31 up, 68 down Best: 25.9% $GBC @GoldBitsCoin 7.9% $MITH @mithriltoken 7.2% $CMT

Flooding support for Tron [TRX] – IDAX, HitBTC, and B-I.TOP

ambcrypto.com2 years ago

GBCGoldCoin (GBC) News

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