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10 #DeFi Projects To Watch Out For In 2020  @airswap @compoundfinance @0xProject @KyberNetwork @dydxprotocol @zerion_io @tokensets @1inchExchange @UniswapExchange @AaveAave We also like @PoolTogether_ @smartcredit_io What have you tried?

@OSOM_finance5 hours ago

Some good examples of models that are working. #Bitcoin – Store of value (digital gold) #Ethereum – DeFi @MakerDAO MakerDao – DeFi @cryptocom – CeFi/Cash Back @CelsiusNetwork – CeFi @KyberNetwork – Exchange model @binance – Exchange model @helloiconworld – Governance

@SimonYuSEA15 hours ago

3/ To provide the best prices for our users, the trades on Nuo Exchange are powered by Split Functionality executed across Partner DEXs @KyberNetwork, @UniswapExchange, Oasis by @MakerDAO & @0xProject. Nuo Exchange Contracts are audited by @Quantstamp …

@getnuo16 hours ago

Today our crime-fighting learn team is taking a closer look at @WrappedBTC - the #DeFi project trying to bring #Bitcoin's liquidity to @ethereum

@decryptmedia17 hours ago

Big thanks to @KyberNetwork and @UniswapExchange for the awesome pricing on this trade!

@TotleCrypto20 hours ago

Crypto currency legend @loi_luu just donated to our @gitcoin grant …! We appreciate Loi Luu support as well as @KyberNetwork! And sure thanks to everyone who support us! Each dollar counts for building new open source #DeFi age!

@1inchExchangea day ago

Have you read about our new integration with @TorusLabs? 400 eligible addresses are guaranteed $5 and 1 lucky address wins $500! To win: Create a NEW @TorusLabs wallet on KyberSwap Make ANY token swap worth at least 0.2 ETH Contest extended to 10th Apr 23:59 GMT+8 :)

@KyberSwapa day ago

@KyberNetwork … - great clear introductions, as well as step by step code and numeric examples. I think numeric examples is the big differentiator, it gives you quick context about how the contracts operate.

@benscholtza day ago

Emerging opportunities to capitalize on specialized #DeFi knowledge - @MakerDAO EPC - @KyberDAO Pool Master - @tokensets Social Trader - @NexusMutual Assessment - @compoundfinance Delegate - @BalancerLabs Pool Manager - @UMAprotocol Token Issuance 1/

@Cooopahtroopa2 days ago

1/ @Jihoz_Axie's appearance on the @Cent podcast. Jiho shares his thoughts on the amazing @AxieInfinity community, their partnerships with @MakerDAO and @KyberNetwork, and makes a special offer to all listeners (hint: listen until the end). …

@bread_KRumbs2 days ago

7 Crypto Firms Targeted by 11 Lawsuits in New York

Here is a look at what $ETH's Network Growth has looked like over the past three months on a percent change basis compared to some other higher profile ERC-20 projects ( $KNC, $ZRX, $REP, $MKR). This is a key indicator of #Ethereum's long-term potential continuing to

Great times on the @Cent podcast with Matt and Rizzle! We discussed: Play to earn's meme potential The amazing Axie community Teaming up with Defi powerhouses @MakerDAO & @KyberNetwork! Cent post:  Podcast: …

@Jihoz_Axie2 days ago

Big thank you to @KyberNetwork for the @gitcoin grant donation to help expand our Ethereum research! If you've enjoyed the educational content we've created for your project, please consider supporting us with a small DAI donation. Thank you. …

@AlexSaundersAU2 days ago

#DeFi fun fact: do you know you can purchase a Set with ETH, DAI, WBTC, USDC, LINK? do you also know when you mint @tokensets, it source its liquidity from @KyberNetwork? Learn more about Kyber:  Learn more about $BRRR tokenset

What @KyberNetwork? Kyber is an on-chain liquidity protocol that works to connect projects in the tokenized world. Kyber’s philosophy is to be platform-agnostic, providing instant intertoken transactions, and an easy integration process through a developer-friendly

@beatairdrop3 days ago

You can't even cover a #DeFi fi project anymore without reading about @KyberNetwork involvement. …

@ItsMeOhHeyMatty3 days ago

Katalyst 2020  #Kyber #Katalyst

@Semaj656497363 days ago

Bitcoin Gold, ZCash, Kyber Network follow the pied piper as market rallies

eng.ambcrypto.com4 days ago

An explainer on the @KyberNetwork Katalyst upgrade. Katalyst is on track for launch at the end of Q2. Make sure to also follow us on Medium for future updates. …

@tokenterminal4 days ago

@Bullionix_io a platform that allows you to mint exclusive gold-backed NFT collectibles, has integrated our KyberWidget! Easily swap between @DigixGlobal $DGX $ETH & 70+ erc20 tokens! Co-founder @gldnXross explains why they're using Kyber … …

@KyberNetwork4 days ago

Great stuff coming from @KyberNetwork and @Kyberdao. Looking forward for collaborations with @PieDAO_DeFi. #DAOgang …

@Alexintosh4 days ago

3/ We are happy to see strong adoption of decentralized swapping tools like @KyberNetwork& @UniswapExchange. We were all the more delighted to hear that almost half of their users were fully happy with them. Many, however, miss more advanced tools and orderbook integration

@dexdotblue4 days ago

Exciting stuff from @KyberNetwork …

@jammgroup4 days ago

Bags loaded Bullish on: $LINK $MKR $KNC $ETH Follow my performances on  #assetmanagement

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Kyber Network (KNC) News

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Market: $89.4M

Kyber Network (KNC) is currently the #52 cryptocurrency by market cap at $89.4M USD. Trading volume for Kyber Network over the last 24 hours is $40.7M USD. There have been 59 news stories on Kyber Network over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Kyber Network is KyberNetwork Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.