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Got to catch Michael Coblenz presenting on the Obsidian programming language project at #UBRICon2019 @CSDatCMU @CyLab. Thanks for having 3 @CarnegieMellon folks/teams at the conference @Ripple!

@bbeats1a month ago

[RELEASE] An update of the node v2.0.59 for the ODN mainnet is now available. This release introduces dynamic gas pricing, which should reduce cost and waiting time for the confirmation of blockchain transactions. Read the release notes on @github:

@origin_trail2 months ago

Claim FREE ReddCoin for watching videos – current returns: 864.2322 $RDD daily … $WORM $BAT $AMS $KICK $FOOT $ANT $WGR $ODN $COAL $1CR $XPM $MAO $FFC $WYV $ANT $USDT $HVCO $SIGT $WARP $DEX $STA $FRAZ $SPORT $CORG

My favorite part. User Friendlier “surface” instance of the ODN network, nOS in action. In depth presentation by @vlelicanin and

@zarko_stamenic5 months ago

Finish the week with round 6 of Cryptopia Listings: Anime Coin, Obsidian, Bolivarcoin, IXcoin, Phore, KroneCoin, New Power Coin, AquariusCoin & Platinum Bar @AnimeCoinANI @ObsidianCrypto @BolivarCoin_XT @IXCOlN @PhoreCrypto @Kronecoin @NewPowerCoin @ArcCoin

@nova_exchange5 months ago

Data, information, knowledge & wisdom best describe the mission of @origin_trail. Self-governed ODN is slowly but surely paving way into the future knowledge economy. From tracing most of the chicken meat in the state to hacked bitcoin its versatilty is obvious @cz_binance $TRAC …

@DrevZiga5 months ago

We’ve used ODN, self-governed L2 @ethereum based network, to trace TXs of stolen funds, much like we’d do for a food recall using the @arangoDB. It’ll help close in on the thieves. @origin_trail community is happy to assist with this

@DrevZiga6 months ago

Obsidian Bot on Automated Cryptocurrency Trading and Bot Creation

thebitcoinnews.com8 months ago

6/7 OriginTrail is now part of the @OracleCloud Marketplace with nOS. Network Operating System is combining the benefits of the blockchain, global standards, and enterprise software. It's designed to enable frictionless adoption of the ODN. #connectthedots …

@origin_trail8 months ago

this happened to me with Obsidian and their swap over to Odin. Lost out on swapping my coins, thought it was done very poorly. Wagerr on the other hand, have done an excellent job with the swap and made it very easy.

@CryptoEmissary9 months ago

BlockchainBrad (#BCB) speaks exclusively with @origin_trail founders. We talk about data scalability, supply chains and bringing trusted data sharing to global supply chains, the #OriginTrail Decentralized Network (#ODN), data integrity & a LOT more

@Brad_Laurie10 months ago
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Market: $79.5k

Obsidian (ODN) is currently the #1525 cryptocurrency by market cap at $79.5k USD. Trading volume for Obsidian over the last 24 hours is $0 USD. There have been no news stories on Obsidian over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Obsidian is OriginTrail Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.