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Blockchain Registers for Recording Ownership Rights Around the World

cointelegraph.com18 days ago

Let the Sunday #NLC2NFL PRO battle begin. #NFL100 #FantasyFootballAdvice #DFS #nflpicks #NLC2 …

@NLC2DFS24 days ago

Factom launches new blockchain secure data storage service for business

If you don't have time to draft your lineups for Week 2 NFL games, try our NFL PRO vs. PRO contest? The second pair of the Pro Contest for NFL Week 2 is @IMwunderful vs @Adamchinae  #DFS #FantasyFootballAdvice #NFL100

@NLC2DFS2 months ago

We will be delisting the following tokens due to inactivity or token migration: ADX, BBO, COFI, CNN, DCC, DTH, ELEC, INF, MAS, MOT, OCN, PRO, RCN, SSP, WABI, WINGS, TTC. They might be listed again with additional liquidity providers. Learn more: …

Crypto Venture Capitalist Sells $1.6 Million San Francisco Property on Ethereum Blockchain

dailyhodl.com5 months ago

U.S. real estate association invests in blockchain startup

www.theblockcrypto.com5 months ago

US National Association of Realtors Invests in Blockchain-Based Real Estate Firm Propy

cointelegraph.com5 months ago

US Realtors Association Invests in Blockchain Startup Propy

www.coindesk.com5 months ago

ERC20 DEPOSITS#Kriptomat is announcing deposit support for #ERC20 tokens! You can now buy/sell, receive and withdraw #ENJ, #SNC, #LRC, #PRO, #FUN, #REQ, #CVC, #MTL, #OMG, #SNT, #ZRX, #GNO and #REP. Buy & use selected tokens

ICYMI: We have added Maker ($MKR), Omisego ($OMG), 0x ($ZRX), Pundi X ($NPXS), DAI ($DAI), Loopring ($LRC), Decentraland ($MANA), Horizen ($ZEN), Propy ($PRO), Aeron ($ARN), Hydro ($HYDRO) at Coinvest Plus! For more details>> …

Glad to have Propy onboard! $PRO …

@CoinvestHQ7 months ago

If you follow @KyberNetwork, don't forget to get your #coinplan exclusive PRO memberships. Available to claim until 4/21/19. You can get them here: …

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We welcome new partners and updates to Coinvest Plus! We have added Maker ($MKR), Omisego ($OMG), 0x ($ZRX), Pundi X ($NPXS), DAI ($DAI), Loopring ($LRC), Decentraland ($MANA), Horizen ($ZEN), Propy ($PRO), Aeron ($ARN), Hydro ($HYDRO). For more details>> …

Japan’s first blockchain real estate transactions recorded by Propy

www.cryptoninjas.net7 months ago

Blockchain Proptech Startup Propy Completes First Real Estate Transactions In Japan

coinjournal.net7 months ago

BITCOINER PRO INDONESIA : Binance Membuat Charity 'Makan Siang untuk Anak-anak' Menggunakan Zcoin Blockchain: …

@ProIndonesis9 months ago

Propy executes its second blockchain-recorded property deal in California

www.cryptoninjas.net9 months ago

Check out the teams of our Pros for #SuperBowl PRO vs PRO contest: @phillyd469 vs @IMwunderful Pick one team and double your money if your pro wins  #FantasyFootball #DFS

@NLC2DFS9 months ago

#TipTuesday To sell like a PRO, provide punctual and courteous responses to any questions your customers might have. If you make a mistake and something was not sent when it should have been, let the customer know the truth right away. Read More:

@Gameflip9 months ago

Bitrue to Add 4 New XRP Base Pairs This Week

$DTH, $CNN, $EKO, $OCN, $PRO, $OST $MKR, $DCC are now available on Betoken. These tokens are accessible through @KyberNetwork on-chain liquidity protocol. Find out more: …

Shared Standards Would Help Global Crypto Real Estate Market

coinjournal.neta year ago

Are ready for NFL Week 12 PRO vs PRO contest: @phillyd469 (5-6) vs @fantasycouch (5-6) @fantasy_crypt (7-4) vs @IMwunderful (6-5) @spnlineups (5-6) vs Jbthegreat (5-5) Pick one team and double your money if your pro wins

@NLC2DFSa year ago
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Market: $4.7M

Propy (PRO) is currently the #474 cryptocurrency by market cap at $4.7M USD. Trading volume for Propy over the last 24 hours is $82.3k USD. There have been no news stories on Propy over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Propy is NoLimitCoin Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.