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Abra Adding 60 New Cryptocurrencies in Consumer Adoption Push: Report

Canadian Blockchain Firm Launches USD-Pegged Stablecoin CUSD

cointelegraph.com6 days ago

The Impact of the Asset-backed Cryptocurrencies to the Crypto Industry. Featuring: @DigixGlobal, ($DGX - @DGXGOLD), @Gemini ($GUSD), @trusttoken ($TUSD). The use of stable cryptocurrencies has been a great tool in fighting volatility but their use is wider! #DGX #TUSD #GUSD

Proud to announce a whole new way to buy TrueCurrency #stablecoins: buy, sell, and trade TrueUSD peer-to-peer on @airswap! Make Instant Trades on $TUSD $TCAD $THKD $TGBP $TAUD and other tokens, now P2P @ . #defi #fintech

@TrustToken20 days ago

Wrapped Crypto Tokens, Explained

Why cryptocurrencies can never truly enter the Retail industry

Crypto derivatives exchange BTSE launches Monero (XMR) trading

Proud to partner with @CelsiusNetwork to enable $TGBP $TCAD $THKD $TAUD holders to get unprecedented interest rates on TrueCurencies: up to 5% or 10x most local banks, joining $TUSD at up to 10% on the platform. Buy:  Invest:

@TrustTokena month ago

Lumi Wallet EOS Digest #6 – Succesful Upgrade, in U.S. and Hot Discussions

How Severe Is Roche Freedman’s Lawsuit Against Tether and Bitfinex?

Fiat-Backed Stablecoins ⁠— Attempt to Take the Best of Both Worlds

Use Dash on @cointradeCTX with #InstantSend and the Brazilian real (BRL) fiat trading pair. Dash is also available with stablecoins TrueUSD, Tether, and Bitcoin trading pairs are available as well! … #Dash #payments #crypto

@Dashpaya month ago

Binance Axes BitTorrent Token (BTT) Trading Pair and 29 Others

Binance Delists Trading Pairs, Some Include Tokens From Its Launchpad

BUSD — Binance and Paxos Stablecoin Latest to Get US Regulator Consent

Join us for another fun evening of Crypto Trivia featuring TrueUSD and Nano! It all starts at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT today. Prizes will be awarded in crypto! Link to the livestream: …

@metalpaysme2 months ago

Get ready for another Crypto Trivia LIVE featuring our two newest token additions: TUSD and NANO! Join us tomorrow, Sep. 11 at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT to win prizes in crypto, and more importantly, everlasting internet fame. Make sure you have the Metal Pay app installed!

@metalpaysme2 months ago

Metal Heads-up — August 2019 Newsletter   In this issue: Setting some world records! Going stable with TUSD. Spreading the love. Crypto with friends. Can't fight that fee-ling. Back to school. …

@metalpaysme3 months ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 Now Supports Stablecoins: TrueUSD, Maker, USD Coin

Bitfinex announces three new stablecoin pairs pegged to USDT

#VirgoCX Exchange CEO, Adam Cai LIVE From The Purple Room! #Futurist19 Great interview @AdamCai15 of @VirgoCX introduces the world's first #Forex trading exchange powered by stable coins. More information is at  #Tether $USDT #TrueUSD $TUSD #MakerDAO $

@NetworksManager3 months ago

Why Buy USDT? months ago

High interest savings account: Make a @CelsiusNetwork wallet Find your TUSD wallet address Go to  Make an account with @TrustToken Paste your Celsius wallet address Wire money out of your bank and into your Unbank Earn 8.1% interest

@waseemshabout3 months ago

The $WTC #Buyback & #Burn #Round001 completed. All the $TUSD have been sent out to ERC-20 addresses of winners. Stay tuned for #Round002! Mall link:  #Waltonchain #Blockchain #Cryptocurrency #IoT #IIoT

@Waltonchain3 months ago

Metal Pay welcomes TrueUSD to our Marketplace …

@metalpaysme3 months ago
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Market: $169.7M

TrueUSD (TUSD) is currently the #38 cryptocurrency by market cap at $169.7M USD. Trading volume for TrueUSD over the last 24 hours is $262.6M USD. There have been 2 news stories on TrueUSD over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering TrueUSD is Cointelegraph and the most common news category is Exchange Announcements.