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STAKING OVERVIEW The projects are sorted by Adjusted Rewards. Data is provided by @StakingRewards. Top 5 are @HorizenGlobal @COTInetwork @IncognitoChain @ElrondNetwork and @BelacamOfficial $ZEN $COTI $PRV $ERD $BELA $ENQ $FTM $XLQ $SHIFT $TPAY $RADS $LPT $TRTT $SNX $

STAKING OVERVIEW The projects are sorted by Adjusted Rewards. Data is provided by @StakingRewards. Top 3 are: @Synthetix_io $SNX @FantomFDN $FTM @BelacamOfficia $BELA $ERD $XLQ $SHIFT $LPT $TPAY $ZEN $LUNA $TRTT $RADS $ICX $

11 Best Paying Proof of Stake Coins | Most Profitable PoS Staking | 2020 Edition … #Tezos #Dash #Cosmos #Neblio #Okcash #Qtum #PIVX #NEO $OK #Livepeer #Tron #staking #altcoins #cryptocurrencies

Coinbase-Backed Crypto Ratings Council Adds eToro, OKCoin

Bison Trails Raises $25M in Funding Round Led by Blockchain Capital

cointelegraph.com4 months ago

CBDCs of the World: The Benefits and Drawbacks of National Cryptos, According to Different Jurisdictions

Ethereum-Based Decentralized Video Streaming Startup Livepeer Raises $8M

cointelegraph.com9 months ago

Decentralized Video Platform Built on Ethereum Raises $8 Million

www.coindesk.com9 months ago

This DAO has received its first rewards in $LPT, for participating in Round 1372 of the @LivepeerOrg delegated-proof-of-stake protocol. It started with 0.2 LPT, and now it has 0.200614701104992279 LPT :) A round lasts 5760 blocks. @AragonProject #DeFi #Ethereum

@chrishobcroft10 months ago

Here is news of a milestone in the project to integrate @LivepeerOrg with @AragonProject. An Aragon DAO on #Ethereum mainnet delegated Livepeer Tokens to a Transcoder in Livepeer's network. This will provide the DAO with a share of income to the network. #DeFi

@chrishobcroft10 months ago

Top 10 Social Dapps (7 @SteemNetwork dapps, 2 EOS dapps, 1 Ethereum dapp): 1. @steemit 2. @karmaapp_io (EOS) 3. @lumeos_io (EOS) 4. @PartikoTeam 5. Busy 6. @dlike_io 7. @esteem_app 8. @DtubeTweets 9. Livepeer (ETH) 10. Steempeak More at  Ranking.

@dapp_com10 months ago

Making good progress on the Video DAC project. In this phase, we are integrating @AragonProject with @LivepeerOrg, to allow a DAO to delegate stake to a Transcoder in Livepeer's network. approve-bond-claim-unbond-withdraw - each step governed by a vote. …

@chrishobcrofta year ago

Livepeer (LPT) News

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Livepeer (LPT) is currently the #2316 cryptocurrency by market cap at $0 USD. Trading volume for Livepeer over the last 24 hours is $68.3k USD. There have been no news stories on Livepeer over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Livepeer is Cointelegraph and the most common news category is Project Announcements.