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Escher Airdrop #6 is ongoing with under a week of time remaining (6,500 blocks). Don't wait, claim your $ESCH today and help shape the future of the @ubiqsmart community. $UBQ …

@geo_coin10 days ago

Checking out #ETCSummit with talks on @open_rpc and @etclabs … $ETC $

@alex_sterk14 days ago

Team  are going to take the #CryptoSeedCards to another level. Time to fire up the printer. Where we will plant the Seeds next?  $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $

Did you know that the @ubiqsmart network is a full functioning EVM? With #ERC20 token support and integration to leading exchanges like @BittrexExchange and @CryptoBridge Check out two of them on the homepage right now $UBQ $GEO $

Coming soon Plant #Crypto seed cards across the world, for your favourite Non ICO #Blockchain Projects with . Have fun while spreading awareness$BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $

#changeangel bringing #cryptocurrency #communities together for the greater good #StrongerTogether #strongerwethrive #massadoption $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH Visit Now:

$UBQ @ubiqsmart is now trading on CryptoBridge! Market is available on:  Happy trading and welcome!

@CryptoBridge24 days ago

Airdrop #6 has commenced for you to get your Escher claims in. No need to wait, signal today and your balance will be recorded at block 983000. #Ubiq $UBQ $ESCH Drop by Discord for help:  Link to Airdrop: …

@CryptoUbiqa month ago

Gain decentralization transparency and immutability with #cryptocurrency #blockchain technology. Try our Non-Custodial Swap Exchange Service Visit Now:  $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $

Voting has now closed on UIP6. Final results. Yes: 74.4798 % No: 11.0788 % Abstain: 13.8996 % With 25.4293% of the current $ESCH supply participating. $UBQ

@iquidusa month ago

Last chance to utilize your $ESCH for the UIP6 vote to list $UBQ, $GEO and $SPHR on the @CryptoBridge DEX!!!!! There is only 400 blocks left or roughly 9 hours remaining to get your vote in. Details for voting can be found here: …

@geo_coina month ago

Less than 3 days left to vote on this $UBQ proposal for integration with the @CryptoBridge decentralized exchange …

@alex_sterka month ago

Hello Ubiq Community! If you have been claiming your ESCH from past airdrops, you can use it to vote for $UBQ, $GEO, and $SPHR to be listed on @cryptobridge. The voting period will end in a few days …

@ProjectSPHRa month ago

Be like this handsome whale. Get $UBQ while it's still cheap. Be smart. @ubiqsmart #cryptocurrency

@TunaChuma month ago

I personally love this saying Keep building, keeping pushing for Mass adoption and never wait your entire [email protected]_io @1in256 $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR

This is a very nice $crypto article about $ubq $ubiq , "..the monetary policy and what the policy means for the future of the Ubiq network.." …

@cobrathepiratea month ago

The #ubiq public RPC and pyrus nodes provided by ubiqscan have been upgraded. Nothing required on your end, but as always if you run into any issues (rate limits etc) get in touch. $UBQ

@iquidusa month ago

Ubiq Quarterly Report — August 2019 Check out all the latest updates and chat to the community on Ubiq Discord! $UBQ …

@ubiqsmarta month ago

The $UBQ community has put together a proposal and it is now up for vote. UIP6 is to gauge interest in the CryptoBridge DEX & determine whether the community would be willing to contribute 0.5 BTC from the Network Development Fund to fulfill listing fees. …

@CryptoUbiq2 months ago

“Ubiq Quarterly Report — August 2019” by Kris Lester $UBQ continues to do work. Check out the latest news in the latest monthly update. Community is voting now to spend funds to list $UBQ, $GEO, and $SPHR on a non-KYC DEX. Read on for more info.

@livelife7242 months ago
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Market: $3.6M

Ubiq (UBQ) is currently the #528 cryptocurrency by market cap at $3.6M USD. Trading volume for Ubiq over the last 24 hours is $3.5k USD. There have been 4 news stories on Ubiq over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Ubiq is Ubiq Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.