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Blockchain Interoperability, Explained

A new @gnosisSafe update has hit the iOS App Store. Users can now pay gas fees in 7 different ERC20s: DAI, GEN, KNC, MKR, OWL, RDN and

@KyberNetwork *Please note: Trades between ETH <> WETH will not be counted in this giveaway campaign.

@KyberNetwork8 months ago

At the moment, the MakerDAO system stores more Ether than all other mentioned systems combined. The balance of the SaiTab contract (the contract which stores all WETH) is currently 1.79M WETH. Here is the contract’s balance over

@santimentfeed8 months ago

Today we explore how to use DaiJS, a JavaScript library that makes it easy to build applications on top of @MakerDAO's platform of smart contracts (CDPs, DAI, WETH, PETH, etc...) … #web3 #buidl #defi #blockchain #ethereum

@QuikNode9 months ago

Will the total amount of WETH contributed into @MolochDAO surpass 7,500 WETH on June 1, 2019? #CryptoUnlocked #challange  Every #Wei will facilitate the whole #Ethereum ecosystem!

@i_van_kaz10 months ago

Relayer Report #19 Recap: 1/ Lots of 0x updates: ZEIP-23 passed, and three extension contracts for the 0x community: forwarder contract to abstract away WETH, Dutch Auction contract for, well, Dutch Auctions, and a whitelist contract for KYC @sendwyre …

@rahulsingireddy10 months ago

#μέλλον V1.0: #ZAHREDDINO is LIVE Create your own #ONCHAIN #FUND accepting authorized assets: #DigitalGold $DGX $BAT, $REP, $ZRX, $WETH, $MLN, $MKR, $DAI, $KNC. #Digix #gold #preciousmetals #tokenization #HodlGodl …

Watch our 30-min presentation from this Monday at the @atxBlockchain town hall meeting in Austin, TX including a live demo of our cross-chain DEX prototype showing a decentralized transaction from ETH>WETH>WBTC>BTC.

$WETH is now available on Kyber Network. DApps already supporting WETH will now be able to seamlessly integrate Kyber Network's liquidity protocol. Find out more about WETH:

@KyberNetworka year ago

All Hydro Protocol based relayers will be able to use alternate base pairs beyond just WETH. We're thrilled to have the DAI base pair on DDEX! It's a more natural trading flow for the current form of 0x relayers #DEX #Stablecoin #DAI #DDEX #HydroProtocol #ZRX #0xproject …


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WETH (WETH) is currently the #2084 cryptocurrency by market cap at $0 USD. Trading volume for WETH over the last 24 hours is $1.2M USD. There have been no news stories on WETH over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering WETH is KyberNetwork Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.