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Zclassic would like to sponsor #800cc Sending you $100 RIGHT NOW #800cc. Please let Binance know you would like to see Zclassic $ZCL listed here …

@ZclassicCoina month ago

Zcash Bug Could Reveal Shielded Full Nodes’ IP Addresses

Read about #Hushlist protocol for #private #messaging: … One of the cool things is that it's quite #censorship resistant because it is not depending on one single #blockchain, but runs on $HUSH, $ZEC, $KMD, $ZCL, $ZEN, $VOT, $BTCZ & $BTCH #privacy

ZClassic is looking to relaunch its mainnet following a price collapse this year @ZclassicCoin … #zclassic #relaunch #crash #CryptocurrencyNews #chaintimes

@chaintimes_com2 months ago

ZClassic (ZCL) Launches New Mainnet

cryptovest.com2 months ago

We don't stand off to the side and watch. Let's support $ZCL. #grimmw $Grimm #zclassic #community #decentralized …

@grimmwcom2 months ago

Dobi exchange is supporting @zclassiccoin V2.0.5-1. Following the upgrade $ZCL transactions will be finalised in 12 blocks We congratulate all the developers and community members behind zclassic for their efforts. @HeyRhett @prof_crypto @christophechudy @_htrap @justjamesdev

@cherleana12 months ago

Dobi exchange is supporting @zclassiccoin V2.0.5-1. Following upgrade $ZCL transactions will be finalised in 12 blocks or 30 mins. We congratulate all the developers and members behind zclassic for their efforts. @HeyRhett @prof_crypto @christophechudy @_htrap @justjamesdev

@Dobitrade_2 months ago

#Zclassic community did it $ZCL the real privacy community coin, thanks to all the #Zclassic community @ZclassicCoin @ZClassicCE @ZclassicDev @Hotbit_news @cz_binance @binance @CoinbasePro @bitfinex @Poloniex @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @BittrexIntl @OKEx

@ChristopheChudy3 months ago

Sunday Trivia Name #Zclassic's "Satoshi" (Genesis Block Miner) and the FIRST 20 CORRECT answers WIN 10 $ZCL

@ZclassicCoin4 months ago

$ZCL @ZclassicCoin is now trading on CryptoBridge. We would like to welcome the community behind it and invite you to check the market: … … Happy trading!

@CryptoBridge4 months ago

According to Bittrex's own data; There are 364 Trading Pairs / 252 Coin Trading. Zclassic: In 2019, it is among the top 40 coins in volume. It has a volume above 212 coins. Please review this situation. Yours truly. #Zclassic #ZCL @ZclassicCoin

@cml01074 months ago

Huge community and supporters from all over the world. Take care of #ZCL #zclassic. It is the right time to welcome #ZCL. @binance @cz_binance …

@Devrim017430364 months ago

Only reason im in crypto. $ZCL

@WhOmadebitcoin4 months ago

ZClassic (ZCL) Gets Delisted from Bittrex; News Crashes Price to Record Lows

cryptovest.com4 months ago

Wow, #Zclassic $ZCL going parabolic now. My . #privacycoin @ZclassicCoin

@PlevaIvan4 months ago

Why remove #Zclassic?? You have lost me as a customer. #ZCL

@TurboAustralian4 months ago

are you sure to delist Community coin $ZCL ?

@MindLandIT4 months ago

We are happy to inform the community that we will list @ZclassicCoin in our platform. Markets will open shortly. Contact us on Discord for more info:  #ZCL #Zclassic #Bitshares #DEX #dexbot

@DynXofficial4 months ago

Dear @coinbase please find it in your heart to list one of our oldest and truest to the game privacy coins $ZCL. Please help #saveZCL #savezcl #ZCL #zclassic @ZclassicCoin

@SkylineDigital4 months ago

Should #Zclassic add a founders fee back in to support development? Let us know! This is a COMMUNITY coin and decisions should be made by the COMMUNITY!!! #ZCL #Zclassic #BTC #Crypto #cryptocurrency #Zcash

@ZclassicCoin5 months ago

#Zclassic is now officially back on the @Changelly_team Platform! #ZCL #BTC #Changelly

@Matt_000000015 months ago

The platform is simply amazing, there is nothing like that in the market, congratulations @tokenpay. $BTC $ETH $EOS $TRX $XRP $BCH $ETC $LTC $DASH $XMR $ZEC $ADA $NEO $OMG $XEM $LSK $DGB $ZRX $XVG $GRS $SC $ZCL $ICX #VEN $ONT $BNB #BTCP $TPAY Join here …

Crypto Exchange HitBTC Appeals to Cryptography in Dispute With Altcoin BTCP

cointelegraph.com7 months ago

Why You Should AVOID HitBTC months ago
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Market: $1.9M

ZClassic (ZCL) is currently the #722 cryptocurrency by market cap at $1.9M USD. Trading volume for ZClassic over the last 24 hours is $16.1k USD. There have been no news stories on ZClassic over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering ZClassic is ZClassic Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.