CoinFi Partners With eToro To Provide Crypto Research And Data

HONG KONG - Sep 17, 2019 - CoinFi, the leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading tools, today announced a partnership with eToro, the multi-asset trading and investment platform, as a crypto assets research and data provider. The integration provides eToro traders and investors with access to a new CoinFi-powered research tab featuring real-time news, analysis, and technical market indicators. eToro acquired a significant stake in the CoinFi token (COFI) as part of the deal.

CoinFi’s research, news, and analysis will be available for all 16 crypto coins on the eToro platform. Product teams at both companies worked closely to seamlessly integrate data streams.

“In today’s volatile crypto markets, traders need up-to-the-minute, accurate information on which to base their trades,” said Timothy Tam, co-founder and CEO of CoinFi and former Goldman Sachs equities trader. “The partnership with eToro will help more than 10 million users make more informed decisions by keeping up to date on the latest news and market indicators.”

The addition of CoinFi’s research and data to the eToro platform facilitates a shared vision for both companies of opening up global crypto markets to everyone by offering transparent tools, news, and information. CoinFi is a currently the largest online crypto assets database, with information on more than 6,000 crypto assets and initial coin offerings (ICOs). The company also offers advanced token metrics for the entire Ethereum blockchain. 

“Our deal with CoinFi further enhances our values, specifically innovation, openness, and quality,” said Yoni Assia, Co-Founder and CEO of eToro. “Traders and investors using the eToro platform want the most authentic, high quality information and data available for the crypto markets. Easy access to reliable information is paramount.”

Founded in 2007, eToro enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to crypto assets. It is a global community of more than ten million registered users who share their investment strategies; and anyone can follow the approaches of those who have been the most successful.. eToro has raised $162 million in funding to date.

About eToro

eToro was founded in 2007 with the vision of opening up the global markets so that everyone can invest in a simple and transparent way. The eToro platform enables people to invest in the assets they want, from stocks and commodities to cryptoassets. eToro is a global community of more than ten million registered users who share their investment strategies; and anyone can follow the approaches of those who have been the most successful. Due to the simplicity of the platform users can easily buy, hold and sell assets, monitor their portfolio in real time, and transact whenever they want. 

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CoinFi Update July 2019

Hey CoinFi Fans,

The first half of 2019 has flown by, and it’s certainly had its share of ups and downs.

With the crypto market headed upward again, it seems like as good a time as any to share what we’ve been up to over these past few months. 

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A Look Back At The CoinFi Whitepaper And The Path Forward Through Crypto Winter

Hey CoinFi Fans,

In this update, we’ll be taking a look back at the CoinFi Whitepaper and our road ahead through crypto winter.

A Look Back At The CoinFi Whitepaper

Back when we published the CoinFi whitepaper in October 2017, here is what we had to say about our business model:

At the time, we saw a market driven by massive retail speculation. In the long-term, we saw institutional traders as the primary market for our platform.

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How CoinFi develops professional trading signals, backed by data science

trading signals
Last week we published a post describing the introduction of our first token utility, which allows COFI holders to stake 25k tokens for access to the CoinFi Trading Signals beta. It’s been exciting to see users staking their COFI tokens in order to get access: In fact, COFI stakers are now collectively the 11th largest holder of COFI tokens on the blockchain! As of this writing, beta users have staked 2,960,622.9548 COFI tokens for early access to CoinFi Trading Signals, which is 1.685% of the circulating supply of COFI. The tagline for our signals is “Professional trading signals backed by data science”, so this month we thought we’d share some of the data science underlying these trading signals.

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We’re throwing out the roadmap… kinda

It’s been a rough quarter for altcoins and ICOs. The euphoria of 2017 feels like a distant memory. So how’s CoinFi doing? The good news is that we’re focused on the long-term, so a crypto winter (if indeed winter is here) doesn’t affect our plans. However, a bear market like this is as good a time as any to re-examine some fundamental assumptions. Let’s take a look at our roadmap for 2018Q3, 2018Q4, and 2019Q1

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Episode 009: Opening The Black Box: Algo Trading 101 for Crypto Investors

Transcript - Episode 009 Opening The Black Box Algo Trading 101 For Crypto Investors
Algorithmic trading, or algo trading for short, is a term commonly thrown around in traditional finance and usually brought up when talking about institutional money or market makers. In this episode of the CoinFi Podcast, you’ll learn how algo trading applies to today’s crypto markets, how high-frequency traders profit from algos, and why algo trading may actually benefit the average, everyday traders in the long run.

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CoinFi News: Here Is The Market Moving News For The Last 24 Hours

Here is a snapshot of top % gainers from the last 24 hours*, along with the market moving news surfaced by CoinFi News and vetted by CoinFi analysts. [table id=1 /] Was this information valuable to you? Do you want to see real-time market moving news analysis integrated into CoinFi News? If so, leave a comment below explaining why you need this feature and we'll give it priority. *We filter out coins with less than $200,000 volume, low quality projects, and non-english news sources.

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