Near-guaranteed profit by lending cryptocurrency? The idea sounds great, but is there a catch? Find out in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast where the team explores nontraditional lending: how it works, its risks, and how it can be used to make profit.

Show Notes


Tim Tam – CoinFi CEO
Jonney Liu – Head of Crypto Research
Alex Svanevik – Chief Data Scientist

  • [1:16] Topic Introduction – Nate
  • [3:03] Optimizing Returns and the Benefits of Bitcoin Lending – Tim
  • [4:38] Different Methods and Risks of Earning Interest on Crypto – Tim
  • [6:41] Margin Lending Explained – Tim
  • [9:08] Lending Fiat on Crypto Markets – Alex
  • [10:56] Interest Rates and the State of the Market – Jonney
  • [12:29] Security Risks: Should You Be Concerned? – Alex
  • [16:38] Weighing Returns vs. Risk – Alex
  • [19:10] Considering Different Perspectives as a Trader – Alex
  • [22:25] Prepayment Risks – Jonney
  • [23:54] Alternative Lending Platforms – Alex



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