Here is a snapshot of top % gainers from the last 24 hours*, along with the market moving news surfaced by CoinFi News and vetted by CoinFi analysts.

NameSymbolVolume (24h)% 24hMarket Moving News
ScrollSCRL$264,034 102.87%No market moving news surfaced. However, an announcement of cooperation between Hotbit and Scroll to investigate price manipulation was published on Aug 9.
0xBitcoin0xBTC$369,359 93.65%No market moving news surfaced. Large buyer on Mercatox caused price movement
PatronPAT$1,026,932 57.92%There are currently talks in progress with the Stellar team to migrate the PAT token over to the Stellar blockchain, "Patron 2.0". At the same time, unusual bid orders were made on the order book with all trades being done as round integers.
Pundi X NEMNPXSXEM$2,885,874 46.55%No market moving news surfaced. The token was just minted a couple of days ago and large price fluctuations are expected.
MARK.SPACEMRK$1,186,141 34.80%No market moving news surfaced - trading volume also seems relatively consistent.
BodhiBOT$462,591 28.36%No market moving news surfaced. Price fluctuation was due to a wide spread on the order books. Currently, the majority of the trading volume comes from LBank. There is currently a ~100% spread between the highest bid and the lowest ask, and 24 hour fluctuations are expected.
Forty Seven BankFSBT$423,331 26.81%No market moving news surfaced.
MobileGoMGO$449,054 24.57%After internal management issues and FUD arising from a community member visiting the Game Credit offices, and the dismissal of a community manager, there was a statement by leadership (Maxim Sholom) announcing internal restructuring. Announcement part 1, part 2
ConiCONI$4,037,370 23.66%An announcement was first made on July 31, 2018 regarding additional utility being added to the CONI token (https://www.screencast.com/t/FW4wyNF5ofB). However, price movement didn't catch on until debate between users began on Telegram on Aug 9, as a second announcement was expected Aug 10. 20 Minutes after the debate began, price began to ramp for CONI.
FuzeXFXT$551,846 23.52%An announcement was made on Aug 10, 2018 regarding a partnership with Dash. An exchange listing on AllBit, the first DEX in Korea was also announced at the same time. Investors are also expecting a third announcement which is expected to be in the next 24 hours.
CPChainCPC$1,331,651 18.83%CPChain partners with blockchain e-commerce and payments platform Nuggets
ChainLinkLINK$6,598,041.00 16.64%No market moving news surfaced.
SIRIN LABS TokenSRN$3,683,549 15.63%Sirin Labs listed on LATOKEN. Sirin Labs also aired a commercial starring Leo Messi.
PeercoinPPC$842,756 14.72%No market moving news surfaced.
TokenPayTPAY$308,616 10.92%TokenPay confirms that the FINMA regulated PRIVACY COINS CERTIFICATE with $TPAY has been approved by @TokenSuisse and is in process of seed funding. Additionally a #TPAY TRACKER CERTIFICATE was created. Secure custody with SIX Swiss Stock Exchange

TokenPay CEO Derek Caposhi debated John McAfee on Aug 9, 2018 5PM EST

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*We filter out coins with less than $200,000 volume, low quality projects, and non-english news sources.

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