Another week in the cryptoverse, another busy 7 days for the CoinFi team!

Here’s some of what we’ve been up to in the past week.

Taking Contributor Submissions This Week

As previously announced, we’ll be opening up the first round of submissions for the CoinFi contributor platform by the end of the month. This will allow us to begin sourcing talented contributors from the community to join our in-house analysts in producing content for the CoinFi open beta launch.

While the long-term plan is to have a crowdsourced platform where contributor submissions are primarily vetted by the community, as described in our whitepaper, we’ll begin initially with a simple model that heavily relies on in-house editorial filtering. As we build out, test and refine our systems, we’ll gradually roll out more crowdsourced features.

To start, the quality of user-submitted research & analysis will be evaluated on 5 dimensions:

  1. Convincingness – how well does the author make their argument? How well does the reasoning hold up to intense scrutiny?
  2. Originality – is this a unique idea? If its a topic that has been covered many times before, does the piece add something new to the conversation? Could you walk up to a group of educated crypto investors and spark a conversation around the idea presented in the piece?
  3. Depth of research – does the analysis make broad generalizations without backing it up with substantial research?
  4. Quality of delivery – how well-written is the piece? Is it engaging? Does it avoid simplistic narratives that don’t actually fit all the facts? We want research & analysis that embraces data, context surrounding events, complexity, and nuance.
  5. Actionabilitywill this piece help crypto investors make better decisions? If not, it’s probably not the right fit for CoinFi.

We’ll be opening up for submissions later this week and announcing more details on what we’re looking for and how contributors can earn COFI, so stay tuned!

Arbitrage signals

By now you’ve probably seen this blog video where Tim demonstrates how you can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities to add virtually risk-free crypto to your stack.

After the release of Tim’s video, we noticed more and more savvy traders tapping into arbitrage opportunities. But even though the market is getting a little more crowded, our signals are still detecting opportunities that traders can capitalize on. In other words, it’s still early in the game.

While development of our arbitrage signals was put on hold during our token sale, the team is back at work refining our arbitrage toolset and tweaking our algorithms.

As part of our early Q2 open beta launch, we’ll be releasing our first arbitrage signal. We’ll initially release the signal across a limited number of coins/exchanges and roll out it out across a broad universe of coins and exchanges as we work out the inevitable kinks in the system.

We’ll be releasing sneak peeks of the signal and more tutorials showing you how to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities as we approach our first public beta release.

Sneak peeks are on the way

Speaking of sneak peeks, we know that’s something you’ve all been looking forward to since the token sale ended.

We have heard numerous requests for updates that include more technical details and sneak peeks at the platform itself, and its something we believe is important as well. As you’re probably aware, early in the CoinFi project we were regularly releasing video tutorials sharing our trading ideas as well as sneak peeks of our early prototypes.

We recognize that these types of updates are important to the community and that’s why we were producing them right from the beginning of the CoinFi project. Furthermore, we are very aware that releasing this type of content helps keep CoinFi in the public eye and lets us reach a broader audience who will join the CoinFi community based on the quality, informative content that we put out.

Rest assured this has been high on our priority list, and you’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of this in March. In the meantime, there has simply been a lot to do behind the scenes that isn’t worth a mention in our progress updates. While things move fast in the cryptoverse, real businesses are still built on timelines of months and years, not days and weeks. 

While we’re moving fast, we’re also building this company for the long term. We appreciate your patience as a CoinFi supporter during this building phase…we promise more exciting action is on the way, and we look forward to sharing it with you as it happens. 

Thanks again for all of your support so far!

The CoinFi Team Will Be At Token2049 – The Largest Digital Asset Event In Asia

Just thought we’d mention that the weekend of March 20-21, the CoinFi team will be attending Token2049 in Hong Kong as an official media partner. We’ll be talking to some of the brightest minds in Asia’s crypto scene and and bringing their insights to the CoinFi platform.

You can get more details about Token2049 here. If you’re going to the event, be sure to find us and say hi!

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