Institutional traders are renowned for being good at what they do–they are professionals, after all. So what is it that separates them from your typical, everyday cryptocurrency investor? Is it their strategy? Their mindset? CoinFi’s CEO Tim Tam and Head of Crypto Research Jonney Liu share their professional trading experiences and insight in this episode of the CoinFi Podcast.

Show Notes

  • [1:02] Panel Introductions
  • [1:58] Personal Experience and its Impact on Investment Strategy – Tim
    • [2:35] Low Risk, Low Reward – Tim
    • [4:45] VIX – Jonney
  • [6:29] Risk Measures – Tim
    • [9:10] Sizing and How Much You’re Willing to Lose – Tim
  • [11:45] Crypto Markets and Emotion
    • [12:37] Traditional Markets vs. Crypto Markets – Tim
  • [14:18] Preparing for Retail Investors Entering the Market – Tim
    • [16:01] How to Keep an Edge as a Typical Crypto Trader – Jonney
  • [17:50] An Institutional Mindset in Crypto – Jonney
  • [20:23] Advice for People Just Entering Crypto Markets
    • [23:11] Misinformation – Johnny
  • [25:55] Current Generation of Crypto Traders – Jonney
  • [26:38] Final Thoughts

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Disclaimer: This is not financial advice. CoinFi is not a financial advisor and NEVER provides tips on what to buy, sell or hold EVER. This podcast is to give our views and share a fun environment to have a chat about all things crypto and beyond in the CoinFi office. If you wish to invest in anything make sure you seek advice from your financial advisor first.

  1. Guys, that was brilliant! Not just the content but how everyone got a chance to speak without being cut off. It was fundamentally a well executed podcast which isn’t something I hear a lot of. Definitely bookmarking this and look forward to more!


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