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#Skyfleet, don't forget about our revolutionary system for distributed cloud storage, #CXO! Thankfully, Marco Casino's latest entry in the Captain's Log digs deeper. $SKY #TheNewInternet …

@Skycoinproject3 months ago

Participate in the upcoming FB Live #AMA with @ZebidataIndia CXOs! Ask your questions in the comments section on the @reddit page: … #AMA #FacebookLive #Askyourquestions #CXO

@ZebidataIndia4 months ago

CargoX Launches Public Blockchain For Shipping Industry

www.ethnews.com10 months ago

CargoX’s blockchain platform for global shipping industry now live

www.cryptoninjas.net10 months ago

#Skycoin's immutable object system #CXO will provide scalable decentralized cloud storage, similar to CDNs. Key features include: - Improved website loading times - Reduced bandwidth costs - Increased content availability - Enhanced website security … $SKY

@Skycoinprojecta year ago
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Market: $1.7M

CargoX (CXO) is currently the #741 cryptocurrency by market cap at $1.7M USD. Trading volume for CargoX over the last 24 hours is $15.7k USD. There have been no news stories on CargoX over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering CargoX is Skycoin Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.