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We (@zcashco) are committed to transparency as part of our work in support of Zcash. The people at @MessariCrypto share that value and we're glad to support them in driving transparency standards for the industry. …

@jswihart2 days ago

A growing number of charitable causes accept Zcash. Their missions range from privacy advocacy to freedom of the press and more. Explore the possibilities! Connect with a worthy cause - today! #zcash #donate …

@zcashco5 days ago

You are invited to an open discussion of the Zcash protocol! It will take place on Tuesday, May 21. Fill out this form to participate: … As a group, we'll discuss upcoming and proposed changes to

@ZcashFoundation7 days ago

Ripple’s Xpring and Firm Behind Zcash Among Investors in Privacy-Focused Crypto Startup

cointelegraph.com7 days ago

Did you know that Zcash empowers charitable giving? No matter which charitable causes you choose to support, Zcash donations empower both the donor and recipient — revolutionizing philanthropy! Connect with the multitude of Zcash-powered charities today! …

@zcashco7 days ago

#Ambrosus Edge Gateways ensure end-to-end data integrity, bringing #blockchain security level to individual sensors and #IoT devices. $AMB-NET enables easy and creative prototyping with hardware. D-2 #CountDown #Ambrosus #AmberShining #Crypto $ETH $ETC $XMR $ZEC $BTC $BCH $

Read the interview @jswihart, VP of Marketing and Business Development, gave during his recent trip to #Japan. He responds to a number of important questions including - Why Zcash? 』 Josh Swihart氏へインタビュー … via @CryptoTimes_mag

@zcashco8 days ago

Tomorrow @JackGavigan speaks at the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. He will be a panelist at two sessions: “Zero Knowledge Proof: Beyond Pure Privacy Applications” and “The Future of Currency in a Digital World” — don't miss it! #Zcash #privacy #zkp

@zcashco8 days ago

Market Caps for Bitcoin and Altcoins Set to Test New Yearly Highs

bitcoinist.com9 days ago

#GameOfThrones Online Slot at  Mobile Casino in Soft Launch Now Deposit $TPAY $BTC $ETH $LTC $XVG $BNB $DASH $ZEC $NEO $XMR $BCH $NEM $TRX $DOGE $XRP Fully Licensed in Curacao Casino & Sportsbook that Features Live Dealers and In-Game

#GameOfThornes Online Slot at  Mobile Casino in Soft Launch Now Deposit $TPAY $BTC $ETH $LTC $XVG $BNB $DASH $ZEC $NEO $XMR $BCH $NEM $TRX $DOGE $XRP Fully Licensed in Curacao Casino & Sportsbook that Features Live Dealers and In-Game

Zcash: What Can Enthusiasts Expect?

Money 2.0 Stuff: Fork this newsletter to take my salary

www.theblockcrypto.com12 days ago

Code review the diff between the current Zclassic master and Zcash. Should simply be Zcash minus founder's reward with some minor naming / param changes. …

@HeyRhett13 days ago

Watch @zooko’s #Zcash deep dive presentation from last week in Seoul, Korea - hosted by @kryptoseoul at @KorbitOfficial …

@zcashco13 days ago

ZCash Price Prediction March 2019 – Effects of Coinbase Listing

usethebitcoin.com13 days ago

The platform is simply amazing, there is nothing like that in the market, congratulations @tokenpay. $BTC $ETH $EOS $TRX $XRP $BCH $ETC $LTC $DASH $XMR $ZEC $ADA $NEO $OMG $XEM $LSK $DGB $ZRX $XVG $GRS $SC $ZCL $ICX #VEN $ONT $BNB #BTCP $TPAY Join here …

Will TRON Collab With Ethereum? Justin Sun Hints At Future Partnership

Zcash Exercises Restraint as the Antminer Z11 Release Approaches

US Startup Raises $3.5 from Pantera, Others to Launch Decentralized Exchange on LN

Zcash community, we need your meme talents! (Clearly.) Enter our contest for a chance to win $10 in ZEC: …

@ZcashFoundation16 days ago

Good News For The $ZEC Community! @VegaWallet will be supporting #Zcash with our Version 3 update! With @BitGo Multi-Sig and a friendly UX, there has never been a better way to store your Zcash! Send, Receive, Buy, Exchange & More All In Your Wallet! @zcashco #Bitcoin

@VegaWallet16 days ago

We have fully revamped our #javascript #iOS and #Android / #Java SDKs to enable anyone anywhere build new dApps & solutions on top of $AMB-NET! Welcome SDKs 2.0! D-10 #CountDown #Ambrosus #AmberShining #Crypto $ETC $TRX $BSV $ZEC $BAT $OMG $QTUM $RVN $ZIL …

Bitcoin Creator and Superagent: What You Should Know About Craig Wright

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Market: $411M

Zcash (ZEC) is currently the #23 cryptocurrency by market cap at $411M USD. Trading volume for Zcash over the last 24 hours is $252.5M USD. There have been 6 news stories on Zcash over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Zcash is Zcash Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.