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Binance Offers Dash (DASH), ZCash (ZEC) Margin Trading

cryptovest.com12 hours ago

Edward Snowden: US Gov’t Lawsuit to Block Book Is ‘Good for Bitcoin’

cointelegraph.com14 hours ago

$EXCL is one of most bought coins right now on #bittrex #upbit now, remember we removed #anonymity options lately while $DASH $XMR $ZEC $ZEN $SBTC lost #okex due to having them. #exclusivecoin no longer #anon yet we have #masternodes #masternode #pos #proofofstake $POS #pos

Binance will launch lending for Monero, Zcash and Dash within its fifth phase of service, starting Sept. 20 …

@Cointelegrapha day ago

Binance to Launch Lending for XMR, ZEC and DASH This Week

Binance Lending Adding Privacy Coins In Spite of FATF Rules

coindoo.coma day ago

Binance Teases FATF, Allows Lending via Privacy Coins

www.newsbtc.coma day ago

(4/4) #4 “Optional Privacy” is a great concept but does not protect sender and receiver. It only protects those who use the Stealth feature, and according to $TPAY data and $ZEC data, it is hardly anybody. Privacy by default has many advantages and is less vulnerable to attack.

@tokenpaya day ago

Binance Lending - Special Edition $DASH $XMR $ZEC …

@binance2 days ago

Cryptocurrency Exchange OKEx Korea Removes Privacy Altcoins

$HUSH has gone plaid and surpassed all $ZEC protocol coins by being the first pure-Sapling mainnet and removing the need to download 1.6GB of files before syncing your node! This new SilentDragon Windows binary is Point+Click, syncs in <20 minutes!!! …

@dukeleto2 days ago

FATF Pressures OKEx to Delist Monero, Zcash, Dash; Litecoin Next?

OKEx Korea Delists Monero, Dash, Privacy-Cryptos Over FATF Demands

OKEx Korea Removing Support for All Privacy Coins

Monero, Dash and More Privacy Coins Delisted By OKEx Korea As ‘Violating FATF Travel Rule’

Report: OKEx Delisting Monero, Dash, Privacy-Cryptos Over FATF Demands

Monero, Zcash and DASH to be shown the door by OKEx Korea over FATF violation

eng.ambcrypto.com3 days ago

OKEx Korea delisting all privacy coins, including Monero, Zcash and Dash, as these ‘violate’ FATF’s ‘travel rule’

ETH Privacy Startup Aztec ‘Ignites’ Its SNARKs Generation Ceremony

cointelegraph.com3 days ago

Crypto Inflation Figures Show Why Bitcoin is King Above Others Like ZEC and XRP

thebitcoinnews.com4 days ago

The Company Behind Zcash Announces Proposed Solution to Trusted Setup

$ELI $BCH More and more media started to cover @eligmacom & @BitcoinCom story,  @eligmacom Prepare for taking part of big cake of #Payments market, … #ETC $VET $ADA $BCH $TRX $IOT $BNB $ZEC $XLM $DASH $BTC $ELI $

Thanks to the funding provided by the Zcash community, the Electric Coin Co team has once again moved the frontier of human knowledge outward. We've discovered recursive zero-knowledge proofs with no trusted setup: … We call it Halo.

@zooko8 days ago

Nasdaq Launches Decentralized Finance Index for Digital Assets

Winklevoss’ Gemini Crypto Exchange Launches Custody Service

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