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Komodo is #hiring! The Komodo Development team is looking for a Full-Stack Developer with at least one year of experience working in Rust. Previous experience working with the Bitcoin and/or Zcash protocol(s) is preferred but not mandatory for this role. …

@KomodoPlatform16 hours ago

Tax Agencies Step Up Efforts to Hone in on Crypto Tax Evasion

In roughly five days, on January 29th, $HUSH will have a mandatory update to our newest "Snarky Sasquatch" release, which fixes a few known $ZEC metadata issues. Download the latest #SilentDragon that connects to this updated chain: …

@MyHushTeam3 days ago

Celsius to Begin Offering Compounding Interest on Crypto Deposits

#CryptoBet proudly features MONOPOLY Live Deposit in $BTC $ETH $LTC $XVG $TPAY $TRX $XMR $DOGE $NEO $ZEC $EOS $NEM and more!!! All your favorite #cryptocurrencies and balances are held in #Bitcoin. What more can you ask for??? …

FCA’s New AML Regime – UK’s Crypto Market Will Have to Adapt in 2020

UK HMRC Wants To Invest in Crypto Tracking Blockchain Tool

Midas wallet now supports ATOM, ZEC, DOGE, and PEG; adds new exchanges

Britain’s Tax Agency Offering Contract for Tech to Combat Crypto Tax Evasion

In continuing the pursuit of real-world use in speaking and transacting freely and privately, $HUSH will be transitioning to mandatory #privacy in 2020. #z2z #privacycoin #anonymous #crypto #cryptocurrency #privacymatters #blockchain $KMD $ARRR $ZEC $XMR $XVG $GRIN $BEAM $

#Zcash $ZEC (+75% in last 7d) and #Zcoin $XZC (+% in last 7d) are two of the #altcoin pack leaders today after essentially pumping approximately 20% in unison this morning. Taking a look at each of their development activities, @ElectricCoinCo particularly has upped

@santimentfeed10 days ago

Tron to Include Zcash-Based Privacy Features, Announces Trusted Setup Ceremony

cointelegraph.com11 days ago

Dash Awarded Top Rating By Crypto Rating Council Above Ethereum and Zcash #Crypto #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Dash #SEC #Regulation #Zcash #Ethereum @Dashpay …

@DashpayNews11 days ago

Zcash Poised to Finally Have Private Transactions on Mobile With SDK Release

cointelegraph.com12 days ago

Prepare for Liftoff — South Korea’s Crypto Regulation Ignites in 2019

ELLIPAL now supports Zcash (ZEC) for cold storage and trading

www.cryptoninjas.net13 days ago

Dash Price Up 70%, BSV Gains 300%: Is a Price Correction Imminent?

Are ZCash Miners Selling Down Every Major Altcoin Rally?

www.newsbtc.com15 days ago

Komodo is looking for two new developers: a frontend developer and UX/UI designer with at least 3 years of experience; and a blockchain core developer with at least 5 years of experience with C/C++ and at least 2 years of experience with either the BTC or the ZEC protocol. …

@KomodoPlatform15 days ago

Ethereum 2.0 Will Come in 2020, According to ConsenSys Co-Founder

cointelegraph.com17 days ago

I will be porting the new "Shielded Index" (-zindex) from Hush to Arrow! It's awesome to see other $ZEC protocol coins serious about their anonymity set AKA shielded pool, and want to study it in real-time via the getchaintxstats RPC. Live $HUSH API here: … …

@dukeleto18 days ago

The $HUSH tool for tracking shielded stats to measure our anonymity set has piqued the interest of others in the cryptoverse! Privacy coin @ArrowCrypto $ARW a $ZEC fork is contracting the $HUSH team to port this code to their coin! Even $ZEC doesn’t have this functionality yet!

@MyHushTeam18 days ago

Experts Share: What Are the Main Crypto Conclusions of 2019

$HUSH has become the first $ZEC protocol coin (perhaps the first privacy coin?) that can study the privacy of our chain in real-time, including anonymity set. Shielded Stats as of Jan 5th: … Measure your privacy or it doesn't exist. …

@dukeleto22 days ago

Zcash (ZEC) News

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Market: $481M

Zcash (ZEC) is currently the #26 cryptocurrency by market cap at $481M USD. Trading volume for Zcash over the last 24 hours is $376.8M USD. There have been 8 news stories on Zcash over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Zcash is Zcash Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.