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I’ve published a short guide on writing proposals on Politeia. Thanks to Decred community members @lefebvre_dustin, @RichardRed0x and others for edits. Hopefully this post is helpful to newcomers wanting to submit proposals. $DCR …

@DecredDragon21 hours ago

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1/ I am studying #Decred in the context of #Bitcoin in the early days. I aim to assess the following: - Compare $DCR and $BTC supply characteristics - Performance of #DCR compared to young #BTC - Decred unforgeable costliness - Mathematical rigor for $DCR S2F model Prelim ideas

@_Checkmatey_2 days ago

New episode of Decred in Depth is out now! @_Checkmatey_ talks about the $DCR value stack and stock to flow ratio, #bitcoin and #decred on chain metrics, monetary premiums, sustainable funding to attract committed contributors, and his own research plans. …

@decredproject2 days ago

How can you have decentralization if #VC investors call the shots? That's the question asked by @decredproject, which has a self-funding treasury to finance development. According to @RichardRed0x, that helps #DCR avoid reliance on "centralizing" VC's.

@crypto_briefing5 days ago

Issue 22 of Politeia Digest is out now, covering Sep 1-12 on Decred's Politeia. i2 Trading selected as Market Maker. $DCR liquidity is coming soon to an exchange near you! New research proposal from @PermabullNino and new events proposal published. …

@RichardRed0x5 days ago

I just published Decred: An Investment Thesis  $DCR

@wally_hansen7 days ago

Binance Info's V Label project Decred (DCR) has updated its Monthly Report. Read the full report in our News section: … #Binance #Vlabel #Decred $

@Binance_Info8 days ago

Full house at the #Decred #Privacy presentation in Amsterdam. Big thank you to @BlockDAM_DAO for organizing this meetup about #blockchain and #cryptocurrency! More information on Decred's unique approach to privacy: …

@NoahPierau8 days ago

I personally love this saying Keep building, keeping pushing for Mass adoption and never wait your entire [email protected]_io @1in256 $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR

People in the Netherlands! Tuesday 10 September there will be a public talk about #Decred's new privacy technology. Link: … Location: @meetberlage, less than 5 minutes walking from the #Amsterdam central station. See you there!

@NoahPierau12 days ago

1/ It’s great to see more crypto projects do something about protecting their users privacy. This is something I believe will be crucial to the enduring success of these networks. Highlights from recent Decred (note: @scalarcapital owns DCR) news .

@jcliff4212 days ago

@Camilolwi presented @decredproject at @SummitUruguay to explain why #Decred is secure, adaptable & sustainable, its hybrid #PoW #PoS #blockchain, #Politeia and the future of Decentralised Autonomous Organizations #DAO #DecredenUruguay

@Decred_ES13 days ago

"Ladies and gentlemen, pull up a seat, allow me to introduce myself before you speak... It’s Decred." #Decred #Privacy has arrived. Here's something for your entertainment. Thank you @ghostwridah for the 16. …

@decredproject15 days ago

Decred $DCR has made the leap from Desktop into your pocket. Pull out and update your Mobile wallet to send, receive, & exchange your DCR in style @decredproject

@exodus_io15 days ago

Issue 21 of Politeia Digest is out now, read all about Decred's governance in the second half of August. This is the second issue in a row to be dominated by the question of market makers. Seems like that will be moving to a vote in the next few days. …

@RichardRed0x17 days ago

Crypto Project Decred Adds Privacy Features to Its Coin

cointelegraph.com20 days ago

Decred privacy is up and coins are mixing! $31k worth of DCR gaining fungibility for 5.8 cents in this transaction: … …

@decredproject20 days ago

3/10 Other approaches are not prunable→not conducive to long-term store of value * #Decred #Privacy initial release creates user anonymity, plans to add confidential transaction amounts * Auditable on-chain to ensure against stealth inflation

@decredproject21 days ago

Join @decredproject and @binance at #BinanceMeetupCDMX @WeWorkMEX #ReformaLatino, we'll be presenting #DecredenMexico, our plans for #Latam and why #DCR is hyper-secure, adaptable, sustainable and community driven to be a superior SoV RSVP … – At WeWork Reforma Latino

@Decred_ES23 days ago

@decredproject peeps, can you help me spread the word about the new $DCR meetup I am starting in Kansas City, MO? Would love to get some members and kick off our first meeting soon @jz_bz @michae2xl @NoahPierau @lefebvre_dustin @RichardRed0x @AkinSawyerr

@avonschulze23 days ago

Los Angeles crypto folks! Come out September 26th for LA's very first official #decred meetup. Link for details. See you all there! … $DCR

@MattDavidKayea month ago

Thank you @coin98_net for organizing an AMA event for the Vietnamese community. Decred is expanding day by day and more people will know how good it is. There is a reward of $50 in DCR for the best question(s). Join us! …

@DecredVietnama month ago

Exclusive interview with @Ammarooni | Community Outreach Contributor of @decredproject Watch the video now and learn how #Decred #DCR $DCR is using #Governance, #Funding, and #Scarcity #Futurist19 @Futurist_conf @untraceableinc

@CryptoLiveLeaka month ago
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Market: $240.8M

Decred (DCR) is currently the #32 cryptocurrency by market cap at $240.8M USD. Trading volume for Decred over the last 24 hours is $7.1M USD. There have been 7 news stories on Decred over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Decred is Decred Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.