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A majority of #BCH miners has decided to take over and create a Development Fund with 12.5% of future block rewards They will quickly crash into the next problem: Who decides how to spend those funds? @decredproject has been working on it since 2016 Ready for some #DCR history?

@DCRComic4 days ago

$DCR is WATER $BTC is FiRE @DecredAustralia

@AGNFAB15 days ago

My proposal for continued marketing work with Decred is published! It places caps on # of billable hrs for scope of work and transparency to billed hrs. Looking forward to discussion and respecting the will of Decred stakeholders. #Decred #DCR #Politeia …

@decredulous10 days ago

Block explorers provide transparency. Every blockchain has one. @decredproject's #dcrdata became a key piece of the ecosystem by helping stakeholders and developers understand what's happening. Buckle up for a ride through the #DCR chain with @decredexplorer

@DCRComic10 days ago

What an amazing evening at the launch of @CryptopiaFilm with the AU crypto community! The movie is incredibly well made and Decred is proud to be a supporting partner Be sure to check it out! $DCR #Decred

@DecredAustralia13 days ago

Tomorrow we're talking #Decred at GoCracow#7 courtesy of the kind people at @CracowGo! Come and find out what working for a DAO is like and how to join this driven hivemind of talent! See you there, 7 P.M., sharp! … @decredproject #DCR #cryptodevs #Cracow

@Decred_PL14 days ago

¿Deberíamos traducir nuestra página web al español? #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Ravencoin #Reddcoin #DigiByte #Potcoin #Verge #UBQ #FLO #BLK #Mona #ETH #ETC #VIA #BTG #DCR #Doge #FTC #BCH #GRS #Money #cryotocurrency #tokens #Spanish

1/ I’m pleased to share my next piece surrounding Decred on-chain data, which aims to identify bullish / bearish momentum shifts in DCR flows between HODLers, Accumulators, & Capitulators. I call this toolkit HODLer Conversion Rates: …

@PermabullNino21 days ago

#cryptotwitter will you be attending @CoinFestUK this year?? Would be amazing for all the #communities in the  #ecosystem to #unite in #manchester $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH $

#CryptoNews #Crypto #cryptotwitter #blockchaintechnology #blockchain #cryptolife #StrongerTogether2020 #cryptounite $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH $XVG  “The Swap Exchange for Social Good”

#StrongerTogether2020 #Together2020 #TogetherStronger #unite #changeangelvision $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH $XVG …

The  #NewYearsResolution is to keep building and doing everything we possibly can for the #crypto projects in our ecosystem! What’s your #NewYearsResolution ? $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH $

Proof-of-Keys will take place tomorrow. There is still plenty of time to participate, and securing your $DCR is quite easy. Keep reading to find everything you need to quit centralized exchanges and join the @decredproject community on #Bitcoin's birthday.

@DCRComic25 days ago

I wouldn't be surprised if someone is buying votes. Unfortunately no one can stop an individual from doing so even if the rest of DCR holders don't want them to. Still, my vote for DCR is real and it's the only coin on the list that I'm interested in at all

@Sumiflowa month ago

Decred's v1.5.0 update included a "Dark Mode" for its Official Wallet Decrediton. The Futuristic look and feel is really growing on me. It's certainly the most beautiful and best designed Wallet I've had the pleasure of using. @decredproject Is setting the standard.

@coveryfire7777a month ago

105 — Fight Night XI: BTC vs ETH vs DCR, with @_Checkmatey_  Checkmate comes to POV Crypto to step into the ring. A 3-way standoff between the top three crypto systems! Checkmate is a sharp individual, and was a pleasure to have on as a guest!

@POVCryptoPoda month ago

A little festive party hurt nobody! Thank you to our decred community for coming together last night and special thanks to @BlockchainCTR for bringing everyone together :) $DCR #decred

@DecredAustraliaa month ago

What has been Decred's most noteworthy achievement of 2019?

@decredprojecta month ago

Excited to be a contributor for this upcoming newsletter all about life On-chain. It aims to be a detailed insight from those of us in the trenches studying the most powerful technology in decades. I will deliver my very best on all things #Decred. Make sure you subscribe! …

@_Checkmatey_a month ago

Binance US Exploring Support for 18 Additional Cryptocurrencies

#cryptocurrency soldiers, have you seen the  #massadoption map?? Print your #cryptoseeds and get planting No better time #ChristmasIsComing #DCR #BTG #BLK #FLO

@changeangel_io2 months ago

2/ Begins with: • How #LightningNetwork works • Porting @lightning code to #Decred’s codebase • Scale of @lightning • Why other projects have failed

@decredproject2 months ago

5/5 Those exploiting blockchain for profit don’t care about the benefits this technology can bring to people’s everyday lives. Think longer term! Ask yourself which projects strive to make a real difference & give users real freedoms? #DigiByte #DGB #Decred #DCR #Vertcoin #VTC

@greentermite2 months ago

Ticket Rick: I turned myself into a #DCR ticket, Morty! Boom! Big reveal: I'm a ticket. Ticket Rick!

@DCRComic2 months ago

The #changeangel Christmas prayer for you is that you will be blessed. And may your days be filled with peace and happiness. $BTC $LTC $DGB $RDD $POT $RVN $VIA $UBQ $FLO $FTC $BLK $GRS $ETH $DOGE $PPC $BTG $DCR $BCH $

Decred (DCR) News

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Market: $200.8M

Decred (DCR) is currently the #36 cryptocurrency by market cap at $200.8M USD. Trading volume for Decred over the last 24 hours is $94.7M USD. There have been 2 news stories on Decred over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Decred is Decred Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.