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Here's a killer bomb: "My thesis for $DCR isn't so much as a Bitcoin destroyer, but it is something that can destroy Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash and frankly all the other trash that exists in the top 10 on @CoinMarketCap . I think Decred is massively fundamentally undervalued."

The #Reddcoin (#RDD) not-so-Corporate Summer #Philanthropic and #Altruistic #Challenge! (or Applied #Crowdfunding for the #SiliconValley/#OfficeSpace set.) #POT #GRS #DGB #DOGE #DCR #BTG #VIA #RVN #PHR #BCH #GRC #MOON #ESP #NAH #BTC #ETH … via @LinkedIn

Murad Mahmudov (@MustStopMurad) CIO @adaptivefund joins us for a very special episode of Decred in Depth touching on his $DCR investment thesis, the SoV narrative, and crypto economics. Buckle up it's a wild one. … …

@decredproject2 days ago

Swap to #GRS @GroestlcoinTeam on  and a portion of the revenue goes back to the project to help with overheads and development. $LTC $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $RVN $RDD $VIA $

Swap to #RDD @reddcoin on  and a portion of the revenue goes back to the project to help with overheads and development. $LTC $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $RVN $RDD $VIA $

Swap to #DGB @DigiByteCoin on  and a portion of the revenue goes back to the project to help with overheads and development. $LTC $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $RVN $RDD $VIA $

I am pleased to publish this analysis on the Monetary Premiums of $BTC, $LTC, $BCH, $DASH and $DCR. Study draws on the exceptional stock-to-flow model developed by @100trillionUSD to establish if any of the top fixed supply coins have developed a MP …

Manage & exchange Decred $DCR from the security of your hardware wallet. Exodus+Trezor makes advanced security easy.

@exodus_io9 days ago

I published a post on @SeekingAlpha comparing Decred to Bitcoin and Gold as a store of value. $DCR …

@pascaltmn9 days ago

... and while you are there, come chat with the people running your favourite coins! $BTC $LTC $ETH $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $USDC $RVN $RDD $VIA $BTG $FTC $XMR …

Drops in Bitcoin (BTC) and Lisk (LSK) Weaken CD Large-Cap Index to 34.51

A brand new episode of the Decred in Depth podcast is live! Find out why @Placeholdervc is into $DCR and how they're contributing to the project in this discussion with Joel Monegro (@jmonegro). … …

@decredproject13 days ago

Dev enters @decredproject chat: "What's a good repo to start?" Comm: Experience? Dev: C++, @golang, Rust Comm: Go on Github, find issues you find interesting Dev: I'll work on dcrstats Comm: You know C#? Dev: Yes Comm: Help me integrate @BtcpayServer so we can a buy beer with DCR

@lefebvre_dustin15 days ago

¿Are you ready for @BlockSummitLA in #Mexico? You can't miss it!! Get 40% discount using the code BSLMEXDECRED Learn more about @decredproject, #blockchain, #DAO and the future of #digitalmoney in #Latam Visit  #DCR #DecredenMexico #Decred

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CD Mid-Cap Index Inches Lower as Bitshares (BTS) Off 8.0%

CD 21 Leaders Index Surges 6.5% as Bitcoin (BTC) Spikes to New 2019 High  was made by #crypto community members who are passionate about the original concept of #cryptocurrencies which is a #decentralised movement for the greater good of the #people $BTC $LTC $ETH $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $RVN $RDD $VIA $BTG $FTC $

BTC and ATOM Drive CD 21 Leaders Index to New 2019 High of 55.46

New article delving into our latest listing #Decred #DCR @decredproject @DecredCN. Our #DCR #trading #competition is still running for a couple more days, so be sure to login/sign up to  and get involved! …

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#SundayThoughts #cryptotwitter What did you do before #crypto / #blockchain technology was born? $BTC $LTC $ETH $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $USDC $RVN $RDD $VIA $BTG $FTC $

Staking is getting attention for all the wrong reasons, and it’s time to re-examine its role, argues Decred's Jake Yocom-Piatt (@behindtext)

@coindeska month ago

Staking Isn’t Just a Way to Earn Crypto Money – And It Shouldn’t Be

www.coindesk.coma month ago

The power of #decentralisation is a beautiful thing. We recently heard the below phrase used to describe #decentralisation and it makes perfect sense! “People love what they do and do what they love” $BTC $LTC $ETH $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $RVN $RDD $VIA $BTG $FTC $

#StakeOneForTheTeam! #Reddcoin's #crowdfund going great! 3.7M #RDD donated! #ReddHeads, share your #staking with #Core and let's all #PaintTheWorldRedd #together! $BTC $LTC $ETH $DGB $GRS $DCR $POT $DOGE $USDC $RVN $RDD $VIA $BTG $FTC $XMR $XLM $PHR $TEX …

Decred has been added to @Exmo_Com! $DCR markets for $BTC, in addition to fiat pairings in Russian $RUB, and Ukranian $UAH. Thank you for supporting #Decred. …

@decredprojecta month ago
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Market: $284.6M

Decred (DCR) is currently the #32 cryptocurrency by market cap at $284.6M USD. Trading volume for Decred over the last 24 hours is $3.3M USD. There have been 6 news stories on Decred over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Decred is Decred Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.