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European Telecom Giant Testing Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Stellar and Dash for Payments to Replace ‘Obsolete’ Cash

Binance to Launch US Platform Soon, Helped by a Little-Known Partner

Japanese Central Bank Official Still Bullish On Bitcoin

Austrian Telecom A1 Accepting Crypto in Select Shops Using Salamantex

Major Coins Report Mild Losses, Bitcoin Price Hovers Around $10,700

Tezos Foundation funds Japanese research lab to develop Plasma layer on Tezos

eng.ambcrypto.com3 days ago

P2P Bitcoin And Dash Transactions Soar In Venezuela

bitcoinist.com5 days ago

Bitcoin Circles $10,400 as Altcoins Rally, XRP Posts 10% Gains

Dash registers growth amid bearish trend, even as the virtual asset outperforms major coins

eng.ambcrypto.com6 days ago

This Week In Dash: August 12th – August 17th #Crypto #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #CryptoNews #Bitcoin #Dash $Dash @Dashpay …

@DashpayNews6 days ago

A Different Look at Crypto Market and Top Assets, How Dominated Is It?

Para presentar al usuario la experiencia #cripto, los teléfonos KRIP vienen con app @UpholdInc para adquirir criptomonedas como Dash y, la cartera de @Dashpay y una pequeña cantidad de Dash en una billetera de papel. #KRIP #smartphone #Venezuela #Colombia

@KriptoMobile7 days ago

#ICYMI - #Uphold is now integrated in the #Dash Wallet AND we recently removed the withdrawal fee for withdrawals to the Dash blockchain. We’re proud to support @Dashpay and its ecosystem! …

@UpholdInc7 days ago

Dash Podcast 116 - Omer Batan Founder of Dash Embassy Turkey #Crypto #Fintech #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #CryptoNews #Bitcoin #Dash $Dash @Dashpay …

@DashpayNews7 days ago

Crypto Market Sends Mixed Signals as Ether and Bitcoin Price See Green

Happy Friday! #DASH Core Calls Out @coindesk for #Bias #Reporting; @Dashpay Accepted for Hundreds of #GiftCards @RTaylor05 @StayDashy @DashpayNews @Dash_Venezuela #Coindesk #Cryptocurrency #CryptoNews #Crypto #DashPay #Venezuela #Finance #fintech

@TheCryptoviser8 days ago

“Arguably the biggest success in the DAO space has been the Dash DAO.” Good to see some recognition for Dash’s most under appreciated differentiator. …

@RTaylor058 days ago

Dash Core Group’s Ryan Taylor laments communication gap between Coinbase and DCG

eng.ambcrypto.com8 days ago

#Dash has been supported on a new web-app of ADAMANT (@adamant_im) – anonymous messenger built on blockchain – for storage and instant in-chat transfers. Try at . Zero identification required (iOS App Dash integration coming soon) #DigitalCash

@Dashpay8 days ago

Dash Releases Upgrade In Response to Newly Exposed Vulnerabilities

cointelegraph.com8 days ago

Overview of Mainnet Stress Test and Dash Core v0.14.0.3 Release. An upgrade is recommended for all Masternodes. #Dash #payments #crypto …

@Dashpay8 days ago

I usually buy the gift card before shopping, but sometimes, I need to buy it right at the checkout counter. #Dash is so fast, you can buy+use a gift card at the point-of-sale. Demonstration: @WholeFoods with

@AmandaB_Johnson8 days ago

Dash iOS wallet gets Uphold integration after exchange removed withdrawal fee

eng.ambcrypto.com9 days ago

[email protected] has currently witnessed our Latin American userbase grow exponentially during our strategic partnership with $DASH. While other $Crypto communities spend funds in haste, the @Dashpay community consistently looks deep into the future. You should focus on ease of use.

@VegaWallet9 days ago

Despite CEO Claims, Dash Isn’t Really the ‘Most Used’ Crypto in Venezuela

www.coindesk.com9 days ago
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Market: $832.7M

Dash (DASH) is currently the #15 cryptocurrency by market cap at $832.7M USD. Trading volume for Dash over the last 24 hours is $213.1M USD. There have been 13 news stories on Dash over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Dash is Dash Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.