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Join the Introductory Course to #Qtum brought to you by @ic_invictus! …

@QtumOfficial3 days ago

Another real #atomicswap completed! This time between $KMD and $QTUM. This is only the tip of the iceberg. 99% of #crypto will inevitably be enabled on #atomicDEX. Notice how I haven’t even used the test coins, this is how much faith I have in the @KomodoPlatform devs. Bravo!

@Aaron921712135 days ago

Discover how @QtumOfficial works and receive $15 worth of #Qtum to test the cryptocurrency out for yourself. Qtum Introductory Course Now Available: … #INEducation $QTUM

@ic_invictus5 days ago

WOW! @mycointainercom is now supporting #Qtum, and they are offering a 0% staking fee, that sound's pretty nice! #qtum #mycointainer

@QtumOfficial7 days ago

Learn how to run #Qtum on a #RaspberryPi! We teach you everything from installing Raspbian to backing up your wallet.

@QtumOfficial10 days ago

Pull Request #719 - Port #Qtum to #Bitcoin core 0.18 - 2,016 commits & counting …

@QtumOfficial11 days ago

CD Mid-Cap Index Slides 7.3% on Nano and Ardor Pain

Want to swap? Atomic Swaps: #Qtum @beamprivacy #mimblewimble #blockchain #privacy …

@QtumOfficial12 days ago

Make sure to follow #Qtum on the @blockfolio app!

@QtumOfficial13 days ago

New #XWallet Update! #Telegram chat integrated within the #XWallet. With the option to send and receive crypto gifts within the chat! You are now able to send and receive $BTC, $ETH, $BNB, $NPXS, $QTUM, $XEM

Drops in Bitcoin (BTC) and Lisk (LSK) Weaken CD Large-Cap Index to 34.51

Upgrade includes @telegram chat integration in #XWallet; adding #QTUM in the virtual card, send & receive crypto gift feature within XWallet Telegram chat, improve user experience and more.

@PundiXLabs17 days ago

BrewDog Now Lets You Buy Company Shares Paying With 10 Cryptocurrencies

Ren and Waltonchain Skyrocket and Elevate CD Mid-Cap Index to 46.98

A quick reminder to update Qtum software to version 0.17.6. ** #Qtum v0.17.6 - Mandatory Update ** Check out the changelog for a complete list of updates and changes in this new version. …

@QtumOfficial20 days ago

Qtum launches test version of its Lightning Network solution

www.cryptoninjas.net20 days ago

ANNOUNCEMENT! Due to new regulations in Malta where Bleutrade is based, they are delisting 55 projects- HTMLCoin included on 15th of July. You have till on 15th of September to withdraw all your funds. #blockchain #bitcoins #Ethereum #BTC #Qtum

@HTMLCOIN20 days ago

Qtum Will continuously focus on true decentralization. Every node should have equal rights and power, every node is a validator in Qtum. There's no need to spend thousands of dollars on a server, you can run a Qtum fullnode on a $35 Raspberry @PatrickXDai @QtumOfficial $QTUM

@MikeQtum22 days ago
0 … Qtum is having more than 6000 Full Nodes, Each Full Node Count! Because it's a full backup of the whole blockchain and an Independent Validator! Do Not Trust, Verify!

@PatrickXDai22 days ago

Ubiq is on the front cover and featured in the 2019 Standard Catalog of Cryptocurrencies! $UBQ $DGB $OMG $ETH $BTC $XMR $NANO $LTC $QTUM $MANA $AE $SC $MAID $FCT $ARK @normalbooks …

View the recording for the first Qtum & Beam Privacy Hackathon webinar! We go over the rules, schedule, topics and give a technical overview of both #Beam & #Qtum! #hackathon #privacy #blockchain

@QtumOfficial23 days ago

Super Good News for Qtum in long term, since we know the Billions people super well there and know the Market super well. it's one of our main battlefield for this new Blockchain Economy Movement! …

@PatrickXDai24 days ago

ETC Labs Unveils ETC-ETH Interoperability Solution Backed by Metronome

Check out our thoughts on #Zether, the privacy-enhancing mechanism proposed by @benediktbuenz, @sha2nk_, @mahdi_zamani_, and @danboneh. It's #Qtum compatible! We're thinking about #blockchain #privacy, are you? …

@QtumOfficial25 days ago

Can't wait until Qtum is just a hop away from #ETC, #ETH, #RSK, and all the other networks connected through @MET_Token! …

@QtumOfficiala month ago
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Market: $303.4M

Qtum (QTUM) is currently the #34 cryptocurrency by market cap at $303.4M USD. Trading volume for Qtum over the last 24 hours is $207.5M USD. There have been 4 news stories on Qtum over the last 7 days. The most common news source covering Qtum is Qtum Twitter and the most common news category is Project Announcements.