Dash Price

$29.73 (-0.2%)
Rank #185
Market Cap$349,535,332 USD
24h Volume$38,969,086 USD (0.13%)
Circulating Supply11,757,582 DASH
Total Supply11,757,582 DASH

Dash Price Chart

What Is Dash's Price Today?

Dash (DASH) is trading at $29.73 USD, increasing by 0.13% since yesterday. Dash has traded $38,969,086 USD in the last 24 hours.

Dash (DASH) is the #185 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of April 20, 2024, with a market cap of $349,535,332 USD.

What Is Dash Cryptocurrency (DASH)?

DASH was originally conceived as a privacy coin. During the early days of crypto there was some speculation that it would end up as the currency of choice on the dark web. Indeed, before DASH was known by its name today it Darkcoin.

That narrative never panned out though and today DASH is not widely used on the darkweb. Instead, believing that a legitimate use case could lead to a higher DASH price, the team pivoted and the focus is now on DASH as “digital cash.”

To that end, DASH lives up to its name as it has very quick transaction times of . This makes DASH ideal for use as cash.

Thanks to the value of these quick transaction times, the price of DASH has regularly increased as investors speculate that it may reach mass adoption one day. The DASH market cap fluctuates frequently as DASH moves in and out of the top ten crypto rankings.

How Does DASH Work?

DASH was created in 2014 and is based on Bitcoin’s source code. However, that code has been heavily tweaked and today the two crypto coins have little in common.

For instance, DASH has an on-chain governance protocol or (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that’s used to make changes to the blockchain. That can be useful as a contentious hard fork (like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash) could bring down the DASH price.

Another one of DASH’s interesting features is the . A masternode is a person or organization that has 1,000 DASH (given the DASH price in early 2020, that equates to a $120,000 investment) and wants to participate in network governance.

Masternodes can store a copy of the blockchain, vote on changes to the protocol or even validate instant transactions.

Similar to it takes about 2.5 minutes for a block to confirm in DASH, however, DASH can offer instant transactions by having masternodes validate transactions.

Admittedly using a masternode to validate transactions centralizes the network, this is similar to how PayPal works. However, many people find that the quick transfer speeds are worth giving up a bit of security for.

It will be interesting to keep track of DASH and see how it does as compared to other cash alternatives like or . It may be that their governance model combined with instant transactions is enough to push the DASH/USD trading pair to new highs and beyond in the coming years.

How Many Dash Coins Are There?

There are currently 11,757,582 Dash coins circulating out of a max supply of 18,900,000.

Dash Fundamentals

Start date
January 18, 2014
% of supply in circulation

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