XRP Price

$0.22464 (-0.41%)
Rank #7
Market Cap$9,726,956,453 USD
24h Volume$1,135,031,895 USD (0.88%)
Circulating Supply43,299,885,509 XRP
Total Supply99,991,280,558 XRP

XRP Price Chart

What Is XRP's Price Today?

XRP (XRP) is trading at $0.22464 USD, increasing by 0.88% since yesterday. XRP has traded $1,135,031,895 USD in the last 24 hours.

XRP (XRP) is the #7 largest cryptocurrency by market cap as of June 22, 2024, with a market cap of $9,726,956,453 USD.

What Is XRP Cryptocurrency (XRP)?

The digital payment protocol is the key characteristic that makes Ripple so popular and widely known across the globe. Ripple functions as an open-source and peer-to-peer decentralized platform that assures perfectly smooth, money transfer in any form. Its platform is more popular than the cryptocurrency itself-XRP.

Understanding how the system works, it is maybe the simplest to envision it as a money-transferring structure with two parties on each side of the transaction, where both of the sides use their go-to path to receive money. Just like any other cryptocurrency, Ripple was built aiming to create a distributed ledger network which requires the parties to join and validate the transactions rather than simply focusing on one centralized authority. This makes possible for Ripple to facilitate all of the transactions worldwide with low transfer fees compared to other platforms or currencies.

Unlike other digital assets, all of the XRP transfers are done in an extremely fast manner and require almost no confirmation time. Ripple’s technology is the one thing that stands out and clearly makes Ripple specialized compared to other crypto projects. Its main process is the payment settlement exchanges but also the remittance system that is similar to the SWIFT system that is used for international money transfers mainly used by banks.

Ripple doesn’t use blockchain mining, instead, it uses a consensus mechanism with the help of multiple servers that confirm the transaction. A lot less energy is needed to process the transaction, especially compared to Bitcoin and it also gets confirmed in a few seconds with extremely low costs.

What Is Ripple’s XRP?

XRP, the digital currency of Ripple, represents a strong connection to other currencies, no matter whether that is fiat currency or another digital asset. This makes it easier for any currency to get an exchange for other currencies.

The XRP token is mainly used to provide balance and it can be used to pay transaction fees. Every transaction is subject to e 0.00001 XRP fees which later gets burned and is no longer available. Ripple uses this method as a safety trick to avoid spam attempts in the RippleNet. The transaction fees are often referred to as 10 drops or the tiniest unit related to the XRP token.

XRP doesn’t get mined but it is already fully distributed. More than 100 billion XRP were issued and 63 billion are still owned by RippleLabs. The XRP token is autonomous and free from the organization which means that if Ripple closes, XRP will still continue to exist. As with the mostly-used SWIFT transfers, the XPR transactions involve price risks that are usually affected by price fluctuations. Since an average transaction in the RippleNET is finished in 5 seconds, the risks of strong fluctuations are lower than those with the SWIFT transfer that usually take up to a few days.

How Does  Ripple Work?

The Ripple network doesn’t use the proof-of-work system, which means that the transactions rely on the consensus protocol and are guaranteed by the validating account balances and transactions on the system so everything is done in the right manner.

The entire consensus operates to improve the integrity of the system by preventing the common double-spending issue. Every ripple user is able to start a transaction with a few gateways but if he or she sends the same $100 to the gateway systems will have all but the first transaction erased. The confirmations are fast and take up to 5 seconds. Since there’s no central authority that can decide who set up a node and confirms transactions, Ripple is seen as decentralized.

The financial transaction history can be accessed by everyone since it is publicly recorded and is available on the blockchain but the data never gets linked to identification and information to a person or a business.

Ripple Price Prediction (Long Term)

The Ripple price first started at the $0.06 level but as a result of the conclusion of many partnerships with all kinds of banks, the XRP price began to grow rapidly since 2014.

The first peak of the Ripples price was in May 2017 when the new offices opened in Mumbai and Singapore. At that point, the Ripple price was $0.4. The second peak happened in 2018 when XRP’s price forecast was set at reaching $4, but it only reached $3.84. During this year, the cost of the coin was dropping and its rate dropped to 0.29 by September.

The Ripple price prediction shows that XRP is a high-risk 1-year investment option since the price of the coin could drop to $0.04 in just a year. As a long-term investment, XRP is supposed to be in a better buying place with a bullish price prediction since the crypto is expected to increase gradually and reach a level of $0.46 in 2020.

At the time of writing, XRP initiated a bearish trend for the XRP/USD pair according to the charts.

How Many XRP Coins Are There?

There are currently 43,299,885,509 XRP coins circulating out of a max supply of 100,000,000,000.

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XRP Fundamentals

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